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a Java Framework for Computer Emulation

Emulation of hardware and software of old computers on today's computer is nowadays an important topic in Computer Archeology. To do this in a platform independent way is a promising approach to avoid the obsoletness of today's computer in the future.

Java as a well-established and platform independent object-oriented computer language has the potential for surviving the breathtaking speed of development in computer technology. We can be sure that Java implementations will be common on computers of the next decade. Even in twenty or thirty years Java will still be used like Cobol nowadays.

The aim of JFraCE is to emulate computers in such a way that the software written for these machine runs correctly in the emulator. JFraCE is designed for emulation on the level of the software. It is not suitable for the emulation of computer hardware (i.e., the electrical signals or even mechanical parts).

JFraCE is Open Source. Every one is encouraged to used it and to contribute with emulators for other CPUs, devices, and computer systems. The ultimate aim is to have a library of all the important computers starting with Babbage's Analytic Engine, including Zuse's Z3, ENIAC, IBM 360, PDP 11, and microcomputers like ALTAIR 8080, Commondore PET, Apple II etc.